Milky's Turns Two

Milky's is officially two years old! We're young enough to face hardship with playfulness and old enough to stop wetting the bed. It's a good balance.

We want to celebrate our two years of existence with you since we wouldn't exist without you. We've put together a bunch of exciting things worthy of coming down for a long distance high-five.

Schedule: February 27th - March 8th.
Free drinks with tote bags: February 27th and 28th
DAK coffee on bar: March 1st - 8th (or until we run out!)
DAK coffee pickup / delivery: starting March 1st

FIRSTLY: Introducing DAK Coffee Roasters. Our first import of specialty beans comes via Amsterdam, DAK's hometown. We've selected three crazy, intriguing coffees that we've got for sale in limited quantities. We'll also be serving their Watermelon Sugar beans on the bar all next week.

AND THEN: Milky's couldn't have made it this far without the support of our amazing, creative, and all around awesome visitors. To celebrate you, we're offering a free drink to anyone who wears one of our tote bags to the shop on the weekend (February 27th and 28th). Simply show it and you can have your drink on us. Or order one for pickup and we'll pretend you had it the whole time (secret: use the last three words on the tote bag - no spaces - as a discount code for a great deal).

LAST NOT LEAST: We quietly introduced a lot of new TG Glassware over the past couple of weeks. Including a beautiful tea brew set, a  glass and stainless steel pourover coffee set, and lots of other clean, minimalist lines (our nickname).

Hope to see you soon!

With youth and now wisdom,
- Team Milky's

P.S. We promise to eat any and all birthday cakes you make for us.

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