Abandoned Garden White Tea

by Spirit Tea

Mr. Jiang, the farmer for Abandoned Garden, was a shepherd by trade. Years ago while wandering with his flock he happened upon an overgrown tea garden. The arbor was planted during the 1950s and had long since been abandoned. Without tending, the trees had grown feral, beginning to meld back into the forest landscape. Knowing the region’s proud tea legacy, Jiang asked Mr. Shu, a local processor, to help reclaim the plot. The result is the beauty of following intuition. Pristine ecology, loamy, rocky, soils and organic cultivation make for a superb theaculture. A nearby waterfall blankets the arbor in mist, providing cool air currents optimal for outdoor withering.

40g box of loose leaf tea.

Flavour: notes of fennel, cinnamon bark and tangerine skin

Region: Zhenghe, Fujian, China

Variety: Cai Cha / Fu'an Da Bai (sexually propagated, feral garden)
Elevation: 1300 masl
Harvest Date: 2 April, 2021
Producer: Mr. Jiang (farmer), Mr. Shu (production lead)

Brewing Recommendation:
Serving size: 5g
Water: 340ml at 85°C (185°F)
Time: 3:00