Mr. Yuki's Okumidori Sencha Green Tea

by Spirit Tea


Tucked away in the forested hills outside the ancient capital of Nara lies the tiny village of Dosenbo, home to Mr. Yuki and his gardens. Yuki is quietly making some of the most exemplary sencha in the prefecture. His stubborn commitment to centuries-old techniques, particularly his rolling and signature bake, solar exposure and excellent horticulture showcase a singular vision.

In most of the Uji appellation, the rapid river provides a cooling current to create a stark temperature contrast between day and night. Mr. Yuki relies simply on this alpine aspect to coax surreal smoothness from the Okumidori variety. The area is known for its sandy top soils, allowing for ramified root systems into nourishing subsoil layers.

40g box of loose leaf tea.

Flavour: notes of green apple, celery hearts and vanilla.

Region: Dosenbo, Kyoto, Japan
Elevation: 500 masl
Variety: Okumidori
Harvest Date: May 2021
Producer: Mr. Yuki

Brewing Recommendation:
Steep twice. Drink combined, or enjoy individually.
Serving size: 5g

First steep:
Water: 170ml at 76°C (170°F)
Time: 1:15.

Second steep:
Water: 170ml at 76°C (170°F)
Time: 0:15.