Exuding Jade #22

by Spirit Tea


When your father is Clear Heart #17 and your mother is Golden Lily #12, great things lie in your future. Seven years ago, the Taiwanese Research and Extension Station cleared Exuding Jade #22 for seeding and we are just beginning to reap developed harvests from the young plants. Like a child, it is not quite either of its parents. Floral, but not tropical floral—silky but not milky—Exuding Jade #22 carries longan and pineapple flavors. Most producers so far, including Mr. Luo, have veered toward low-oxidation contexts, with only brief outdoor witherings to preserve the large, thin leaves.

40g box of loose leaf tea.

Style: oolong tea
Tasting Notes: longan, pound cake, jasmine

Region: Shan Lin Xi, Nantou County, Taiwan
TRES #22 'Qin Yun'
1000 masl
Producer: Mr. Luo

Brewing Recommendation:
Serving size: 5g
Water: 340ml at 96°C (205°F)
Time: 3:00