Founded in 1964 in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Taiwan Glass is a company specializing in cutting-edge glass production. Their trademark is super-thin borosilicate glass as fine as 0.3mm thick that resists temperatures up to 400°C.

In 2018, Taiwan Glass invited Naoto Fukasawa to experience Taiwanese culture and hospitality, and create a contemporary collection of glassware. Using characteristics unique to Taiwan Glass, the collection features warm, fully embodied curves, inspired by Fukasawa’s experiences.

The collection is called TG, and is Taiwan Glass’s first collaboration with international designers to create new products infused with Taiwanese culture.


About Naoto Fukasawa


Naoto Fukasawa is an internationally renowned Japanese product designer. He has collaborated with world-leading companies and brands to create many everyday products. The winner of numerous awards and the subject of many books, he consults for international manufacturers across the globe.