Milky's Winter 2023 Menu

The Winter '23 seasonal drinks were made with a long winter in mind. What flavours would keep us interested until we can take off our parkas? What drinks will keep us warm inside? This is what we created.

All drinks are made from scratch, in house, with love and secrets.

Lu's Thai

A Thai tea for winter. This type of drink is often called a "something fog" or even a "mist." Here we've paired the fruit flavours of the Ambrosia tea with the right amount of sweetness and milk.

Made with Ambrosia black breakfast tea and your choice of milk

Lu's Thai 2.jpg__PID:caf9ba19-ef7b-468e-9c69-8873326d2cf1

The Milky's Special

All our favourite flavours. It was on our summer menu as The Iced Oat Latte, our most popular drink. We wanted to call it The Hot Iced Oat Latte, but the confusion would only be fun for a minute.

Made with espresso, sesame, vanilla, and your choice of milk

The Hot Iced Oat Latte 3.jpg__PID:ef7b968e-dc69-4873-b26d-2cf1b2fc92a4

Flashbrew Lemonade

The forever favourite. 

Fresh squeezed lemonade topped with Milky’s blend flash brew, iced.

Lemonade Flash Brew 2.jpg__PID:6e17caf9-ba19-4f7b-968e-dc698873326d

Green Tiger

Sweet & nutty & foamy.

Made with Spanish tigernut horchata, matcha, and your choice of milk

Green Tiger 1 copy 2.jpg__PID:837a6e17-caf9-4a19-af7b-968edc698873

Maple Milk

Maple, the fruit of Canada. Our most popular winter drink, since 2019.

Made with espresso, maple syrup, spices, and your choice of milk.

Maple Milk 2.jpg__PID:ba19ef7b-968e-4c69-8873-326d2cf1b2fc


Tomato, but not what you expect. It's not like V8 or Clamato, it's a light, sweet, bubbly, tomatoey deligh.

Made with tomato, chile pepper, sparkling water, and ice

TomTom 1.jpg__PID:968edc69-8873-426d-acf1-b2fc92a4a311

The Classics

Nothing else matters if you can't do these well. All espresso based drinks are double-shots, made with Milky's Blend coffee from Honduras. All milky drinks can be made vegan by substituting for oat or soy milk. If you don't see your drink on the menu, just ask and we'll gladly make it.


Cortado, Flat White, Cappuccino
Latte, Matcha Latte, Mocha, Chai
Hot Chocolate


Drip Coffee

Espresso, Americano