Milky's Menu

We spent summer thinking of ways to smuggle heat into winter. This is what we came up with.

Available now until warm.


Dee-licious. Inspired by our popular summer drink, The Iced Oat Latte.

Made from espresso, sesame, and your choice of milk.

Chai Chai Chai

Hot and spicy for double warmth. Perfect for cozying up with anything or anyone.

Made from black tea, spices, and your choice of milk.

Maple Milk

Our national pride expressed as a drink.

Made from maple, espresso, spices, milk of choice.

Ossie Fog

One of our new creations for 2023. Inspired by the various ‘fogs’ of the past, the Ossie Fog uses flower instead of tea and pistachio milk to make it a little nutty, just like us.

Made from osmanthus flower, pistachio milk, and a little sweetness.

Fired Cider

Still fired up as it returns in 2023. Subtle spices shyly peek from behind fresh Ontario apple cider.

Made from apple cider and spices.

A Peachie

For the ice-all-year people.

Made from black tea, lemonade and ice.

The Classics

Nothing else matters if you can't do these well. All espresso based drinks are double-shots. All milky drinks can be made vegan by substituting for oat milk. If you don't see your drink on the menu, just ask and we'll gladly make it.


Cortado, Flat White, Cappuccino

Latte, Matcha Latte, Mocha

 Hot Chocolate


Drip Coffee

Espresso, Americano