Milky's Menu

Our Summer '23 specials are made to taste good in the sun and shade. We've added new original drinks to the menu and brought back some long time favourites.

All drinks are made from scratch, in house, with love and secrets.

THE Iced Oat Latte

Milky's take on the drink of summer. Not as simple as the name may seem, this iced, oat latte has many delicious secrets mixed in to bring out an elusive, addictive flavour.

A nutty espresso based drink made with sesame, Milky's blend, oat milk, and ice.

Blackberry Lemonade

Us at our most literal. A new creation for Summer '23.

House made blackberry syrup shaken with Ambrosia black tea, iced.

Flashbrew Lemonade

The forever favourite. 

Fresh squeezed lemonade topped with Milky’s blend flash brew, iced.

Pistachio Milk Chai

Another new creation for '23 and a mashup of our loves of the moment.

Black tea spice blend, layered with pistachio milk, iced.


Still bananas after two years. Pronounced "a banana."

House made banana syrup with MIlky’s blend, your choice of milk, iced.

Tajin Sunrise

Vacation in a cup.

Refreshing, spicy, sour and addictive, made with limes, Tajin, iced.

The Classics

Nothing else matters if you can't do these well. All espresso based drinks are double-shots. All milky drinks can be made vegan by substituting for oat milk. If you don't see your drink on the menu, just ask and we'll gladly make it.


Cortado, Flat White, Cappuccino

Latte, Matcha Latte, Mocha

 Hot Chocolate


Drip Coffee

Espresso, Americano