Milky's at 1243 Dundas St W

760 Dundas W | 28 Bathurst St (Cloud Room) | 1243 Dundas W

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Milky's third location is just west of the busy Dundas-Ossingotn area. This location has bar seating, low seating, and a patio out front. Opened January 2024.

Address: 1243 Dundas St W.

Tuesday - Friday: 8am - 5pm
Weekends: 9am - 5pm
Closed Monday

Visit us on Instagram to see what's new. You can also get in touch by email or phone.

Getting here:
Bike: racks in front.
Transit: 505 Dundas West streetcar stop at Dovercourt is a 2 minute walk.
Driving: There's street parking on Dundas at all times of the day. You can also find day time street parking on nearby residential streets.

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