Himalayan Snow Curls

by Spirit Tea


Deep in the alpine foothills of Sakhejung in remote eastern Nepal lies an organic garden called Simpani. Started in 2011 with a mission to boost the renown of its home, Simpani is part of the Himalayan Tea Producer Cooperative, wherein groups of smallholders own their respective factories and control production. Fertile soils, coupled with a dry, cool and sunny climate contribute to the wonder of this white tea process. Crisp, floral, with a refreshing taste of grilled vegetables—the Snow Curls are for all-day sipping.

40g box of loose leaf tea.

Style: white tea
Tasting Notes: grilled corn, lily, white asparagus

Region: Sakhejung, Nepal
Blend of Chinese natural hybrid varieties
2000 masl
Producer: Simpani Tea

Brewing Recommendation:
Serving size: 5g
Water: 340ml at 82°C (180°F)
Time: 3:00