Winter Daphne

by Spirit Tea


Delighted with the success of Rare Orchid Black, we commissioned a new, experimental lot from our friends, the Zhou Family: Winter Daphne Black. This varietal microlot is most famously known as an oolong with aromatic semblance to its namesake: the evergreen shrub with heady, fruity blooms, native to Japan and China. As a black tea process, the otherwise charcoal-roasted yancha yields unmistakable peach taste, with tingling mouthfeel. Yan yun, the vaunted “rock beauty” and haunting, vaporous, mouthwatering quality of yancha, transfigures into something rich and new.

40g box of loose leaf tea.

Style: black tea
Tasting Notes: plantain, fresh peach, coconut

Region: Wuyishan, Fujian, China
Bai Rui Xiang (“Scent of Daphne”)
600 masl
Producer: Zhou Family

Brewing Recommendation:
Serving size: 5g
Water: 340ml at 96°C (205°F)
Time: 2:15