Treasure Box by Saskia Diez

by Arita 2016


Design by Saskia Diez.

A round box with a fitted lid for holding your treasures.

Material: Porcelain, white glazed interior.

Diameter: 120mm

Height: 52mm

Handmade in Japan.

About Saskia Diez

After studying to be a goldsmith before industrial design, Diez worked at various design studios before setting up her own. Her focus is on jewelry. Diez’ works play with cultural references and display influences of art, fashion and industrial design, reflecting the zeitgeist without being overtly trend-driven. On the decision to pursue jewelry design specifically Diez says; ‘What fascinated me is how jewelry functioned, what jewelry makes of us. Jewelry is such an old theme, the need to adorn one’s self, it’s as old as mankind.’ Diez studies how jewelry sits on the body, how it moves, and explores production processes, including using recycled gold and silver, at her Munich studio.