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We use Milky's Blend for all espresso drinks. Drip beans are rotated regularly. Check with us to see what we're serving right now.

Milky's Summer 2022 Specials
Ice season is here and we've created delicious drinks to go with it.

Milky's coffee THE Iced Oat Latte

The Iced Oat Latte
not "an" and definite not "a"
espresso, oat milk, secrets, ice

Milky's coffee Toronto Horchata tigernut milk drink

refreshment from around the world
spanish tigernut, spices, milk of choice, ice

Lemonade Flash Brew Cold Brew Toronto Coffee

Lemonade Flash Brew
double refreshment
flash brew coffee, lemonade, ice

Cold Brew Milky's Toronto Coffeeshop

Flash Brew
like cold brew, but faster
coffee, ice

Banana Arbnaurnaur Latte Toronto Coffeeshop Milky's King West Bathurst

pronounced "banana"
espresso, banana, choice of milk, ice

A Fruity, Tasty Beverage
for when you know what you want, approximately
black tea, pineapple, peppercorn, ice

Iced Tea
Just iced tea, but Milky's
tea and spice blend, ice

The Classics

Nothing else matters if you can't do these well. All espresso based drinks are double-shots. All milky drinks can be made vegan by substituting for oat milk. If you don't see your drink on the menu, just ask and we'll gladly make it.

Cortado, Flat White, Cappuccino
Latte, Matcha Latte, Mocha
Hot Chocolate

Milky based coffee drinks at Milky's Coffee Toronto

Drip Coffee
Espresso, Americano

Oat Milk

Pour Over and Syphon

Relaunching soon!


We are proud to be the exclusive providers of Spirit Tea in Canada. Their teas are remarkable, uncommon and amazing. New teas are released regularly and can be found on the menu at Milky's Cloud Room.

At Milky's Dundas, our tea selection comes from Pluck Tea. They import tea, combine with local ingredients, and blend in Toronto.

Earl Grey Cream, Spadina Blend, English Breakfast

Herbal and Fruit
CTRL + ALT + DEL, Spa Day, Harvest Mint

Fields of Green, Apples on the Green

Food and Snacks

Milky's has a selection of viennoiseries from local bakeries with an often changing menu. Gluten free and vegan options always available.

Butter, Almond, Chocolate, Chocolate and Almond, Ham and Cheese

Seasonal Danish
Varies by season

Chocolate, Triple Chocolate, Mini Egg, Skor, Oreo, Rice Krispy, S'more, Reese, Red Velvet, Angel Pillow, Macadamia, Snickers, and more