Koushun Sencha

by Spirit Tea


Koushun is a new Japanese cultivar created in 2000 through hybridization. This tea comes from Ryogochi, one of the most renowned production regions of Shizuoka. Nestled in the hills around the Okitsu river, the region's cooler climes and lesser daylight hours provide the ideal growing conditions for ultra-green, umami-rich tea leaf fields. Our first producer, Mr. Mochizuki, has fields with Mt. Fuji in the horizon view, to make the bucolic all the more beautiful (though his farming skill is top-notch to begin with!) Our second producer, Mr. Wada, is a decorated “Chasho” (tea master) of yamacha tea in the region, renowned for his incredible ability to create a singular blend of multiple aracha sources, steam and roast, and taste-test to create the perfect cup he envisioned prior.

40g box of loose leaf tea.

Style: green tea
Tasting Notes: collard greens, sweet cinnamon, caramelized brussels sprout

Region: Ryogochi, Shizuoka, Japan
300 masl
Producer: Mr. Wada (Chasho), Mr. Mochizuki (Farmer)

Brewing Recommendation:
Serving size: 5g
Water: 340ml at 76°C (170°F)
Time: 1:15